If you need help with certain parts of your business you can ask us to look at that specifically on a consultancy basis.

We can consult on the sourcing of properties, setting them up and we currently specialise in the Serviced Accommodation industry.

Getting your property to market takes time, money and a considerable amount of effort. It’s not a process that can be rushed as you need to ensure you everything has been covered to give you the best chance at maximising its value. Whether you are new to the serviced accommodation sector, or are expanding your current portfolio, turning to experienced professionals like 360 Consultancy can make all the difference.

At 360Consultancy we do not take a position of authority by offering complicated training courses or hard-to-understand advice. Instead, we revert to our practical experience in the serviced accommodation sector, delivering hands-on guidance based on knowledge gained from years of helping our clients achieve and maintain success.

From setting up and integrating serviced accommodation systems and cutting through the confusion and complexity of OTA listings, to providing professional photography, implementing rate strategies and implementing channel managers, we work closely with your business to ensure everything is in place.

Serviced Accommodation OTA Listing & Management

Our aim is to maximise the full potential of your serviced accommodation. And in order for your property to start generating money it needs be listed with the leading online travel agencies (OTA) that are prominent within the industry.

OTAs are in a prime position to put your accommodation in-front of a huge audience that you would otherwise struggle to connect with. But working with too many may not prove to be an effective strategy due to the fees and time it takes to get onto their databases.

To ensure you get the most from working with OTAs, the 360Consultancy team use our existing network of trusted partners to quickly connect you with the most appropriate agencies. This is based on the type of clientele you want to attract, as well as your apartment descriptions and specifications.

A key part of this service also involves helping you to shape OTA policies related to bookings, cancellations, fees, refunds and more. Included in this service is the creation of auto-reply templates and other administrative support tools to lessen your workload and give you confidence your backroom is being managed with efficiency.


Naturally you want your guests to be wowed by their accommodation and ensuring you have outstanding interior design will go a long way to achieving that. 

The 360SA team can help you maximise your yield by utilising our experienced design team, transforming existing spaces into properties that feel truly special. 

From colour palettes and furnishings, to room accessories and more, we handpick everything to match your budget and create a space guests cannot wait to spend time in. We focus on the strengths of the property to highlight its very best features from top to bottom.

It’s a service we offer for the entire property or for individual rooms, working closely with our photography team to focus on the parts of the design that really have that wow factor.

Systems & Process Appraisal or Set Up

Do you need help with automation, integration of your booking process or another part of your buisiness – then please get in touch. We have helped dozens of HMO and Serviced Accommodation operators with this aspect saving them time and money.

Property Acquisition

We don’t like the traditional word of sourcing – we prefer to use the word acquisition because we not only source a property – we help with setting the property up and a client acquiring a money making asset.

Serviced Accommodation Rates Management

In such a competitive market place, rates are constantly changing, with seasonal and availability criteria also playing a crucial role. That’s why it’s important for any serviced accommodation owner to remain in-line with market rates to ensure they remain profitable and attractive to guests and clientele.

The 360 team are vastly experienced in this area and can conduct a thorough review of your current rates and pricing strategy. This will enable you to assess current operational costs to plan improvements and streamline areas that may creating costly overheads.

Our serviced accommodation rates management service also involves looking at factors such as local competition, nearby hotels, calendared events that attract visitors to the area and more. All this is done in service of optimising your rates to maintain a prominent and profitable position in today’s market.

Channel Manager Implementation

Channel manager technology plays a fundamental role in the successful management of OTAs and online listings. They automatically update availability in real-time across all connected sites and allow for bulk inventory changes to be made with effeciency.

Our consultancy service works with you to implement the right channel manager system for your business, removing the stress and complications that can come from integrating it into your existing set-up.

While we specialise in working with Tokeet, Automata and Rategenie, we also have considerable experience working with, and setting up, many of the most popular channel manager, automation tool and rate management applications available today.

All you need to do is provide detail about your current system and your required specifications and tech team will take care of the rest. It’s a service we currently provide to many of our clients, both large and small, for a fixed charged per application. We also charge a small additional monthly fee for clients who need our support in an ongoing basis.

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